ENGLISH BIO of Steelcox, a musical road … French singer and songwriter

(FRENCH Pop-Rock – Soul – Blues – Country-Rock)

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INDIE MUSIC – LABEL COXYMUSIQUE : STEELCOX (French singer and songwriter)

ENGLISH BIO Steelcox, a musical road …

Astonishing course made up by many scenes in Paris and in Paris area.
A catalogue of about 200 songs and instrumental music.
Participation in the arrival of BB King in Paris at the time of the International Festival of the Guitar.
Participation in many radio programs and in particular France Inter.

Steelcox is a French singer and songwriter of numerous French songs which are often melodic and in different forms of music according to their title and their theme.

Steelcox started on stage as the singer of the group YSEE-A. He will never forget the superb moments spent with his friends in his first rock’n’roll group when he began his musical activities in the Paris Southern area. “That’s true, I already strongly dreamed to be able to write many good songs and play them on stage with my group of musician buddies and perhaps even in places where our larger idols had performed…,” Steelcox remembers.

The name of STEELCOX comes on the one hand from his passion for Steel-guitar, this characteristic instrument of Country music of his first recordings, and then from Coxymusique which is the name of his own music label.

He then wrote his first songs, which were immediately noticed by Michel Denisot and later on by Joelle Goron on famous French radio RMC, then by other radios such as France Bleu and the FM network.

After being a finalist in national contests sponsored by SACEM and by the French Ministry for Culture with his song “Comme un Indien d’Amérique”, Steelcox appeared on numerous stages, in theatres and arts centers in the Paris area and throughout France.

He writes his songs with passion and all his heart and delivers his own world of adventures, feelings and interesting stories of our life in which he instills his brand of humour.

With strong themes, sung on musics influenced by America but not only, he knows how to touch the public and establishes with audiences a sympathy bond through a resonance as spontaneous as it is passionate. His inspiration spans Pop-Rock, Blues, Soul styles and Country, and offers us his personal outlook by way of the stamina of lively titles to the sound of guitars and brass and charming ballads which seem to him more propitious to developing pleasant-to-sing melodies. These ballads are also the pretext for the narration of gripping or colourful or sentimental stories, the kind we like to listen to while driving on the road with the radio on because we can relate to them.

Today, his songwriter role and his work on his production are proof of his obvious presence, his total diligence as a sign of his dedication, his sincerity and his authenticity.

Steelcox has not run out of ammo ! An already imposing catalogue (more than 150 songs) with some new songs in the writing allows him to ensure the durability of his presence in the public eye.

He attaches as much importance to the quality of his lyrics and melodies as does a Western cow-boy to his horse and his 45 Colt ! What a difference !

“Voleur de femmes” this song on jealousy bordering on the pathological immediately rings a bell and makes us share human feelings we have all felt more or less at a given time.

“Les lumières du Highway” illustrates the abdication of a cop who, after thinking, opts for a quieter life with his wife and his Scotch bottle in the glove compartment !

– The Californian guitars on “Elle repense à la West-Coast” make us enter the life of this young woman from Brooklyn, one of these people who have been united but who have to live unwillingly in separation.

Steelcox devotes his energy to music, imagination and emotions. His musical road is the one he takes in this beautiful country song to go to a motel where, very far from the woman he loves, he will fall asleep with the radio on* because time does not erase everything while an energetic trucker is saying “ Im driving through Arizona … and New Mexico !  »

International broadcastings on webradios through 84 countries and 51 American states.

2018 : New album « Backstage » with 12 Titles of French Pop-Rock and Country-Rock songs. It is available on this site in page « Boutique » :
– Backstage
– Vivre la vie d’une Rock Star
– Destination Hollywood
– Comme Johnny Cash
– Photo Reporter
– Une deuxième chance
– Mon coeur Western
– Dans une ville de province
– Le secret de Broadway
– Un soir de blues
– Quand il s’en va
– Après le show

2017 : New EP « Coeur Western » with 3 titles :
– Mon coeur Western
– On nous aime
– Eva (To pay homage to Eva Cassidy)

2016 : EP « Femme comme les surfeurs » with 4 titles :
– Femme comme les surfeurs
– Hudson River
– Joueur de baseball
– Les souvenirs qu’on laisse

2013 : EP « Shooting » with 2 titles :
– Sur les traces de Kate Moss
– Pas de shoot !

2013 : EP « Mon côté Rock n’ Roll » with 2 titles :
– Mon côté Rock n’ Roll
– Le syndrome de Peter Pan

2011 : New album « Vintage » :
11 of the first songs composed and recorded by Steelcox during years 80’s
– Années 80
– L’argent à gauche
– Les essuie glaces
– L’Homme est C.B.
– Je demande à voi
– Je pars je m’en vais
– Manhattan
– Miss Ice-Cream
– Musico
– Révélation
– Si peur de te perdre

2010 : Single « Pas loser »

2009 : Album « Voleur de femmes » :
9 titles of Pop-Rock and Country Rock French songs
– Voleur de femmes
– La radio allumée
– Les lumières du highway
– Elle repense à la West-Coast
– Le temps n’efface pas tout
– Je traverse l’Arizona
– Lunettes noires
– Comme un indien d’Amérique
– Boxeur

Steelcox is also an actor : www.remy-steelcox.com
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ENGLISH BIO of Steelcox, a musical road … French singer and songwriter